Another Country Heard From

Interesting how quickly somebody from commented on the last post.  The comment?  “Interesting perspective.”  On the very tiny chance the whole thing isn’t just a web-bot branch of Procter & Gamble’s “intelligence”-gathering/critic-suppression operation, my reply is:  Yes, the truth must seem like merely an “interesting perspective” to you professional liars.

Now, let’s see if this post draws the same robotic reply…

2 Replies to “Another Country Heard From”

  1. Straight from yahoo headlines today
    “Governor of New York tied to high dollar prostitution ring that caters to the elite wealthy” – well there ya go
    this is what the ultra rich spend their money on – propagating the sex slave market – by proxy, the power is in place to just eventually fuck us all – thats what is intended

  2. How bout that New York governor ?
    what else do politicians use their excessive amounts of public servant money? – spending it on screwing people

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