Chutzpah & Delusion: Land Rover VEED

That’s a scan of the “Tread Lightly” ad I clipped from the local alt-weekly a while back.

Yes, folks, this is the kind of thing you can get away with in our glorious culture. Selling Land Rovers, with their 12/18 mpg rating and their $77,675 – $93,325 MSRP, under the idea that this monstrosity among monstrosities could have anything whatsoever to do with ecological concern.

The level of chutzpah, deception, and delusion involved among both the peddlers and the over-privileged purchasers of these things would make Orwell gag in surprise. The dealership — Land Rover Portland/Land Rover Oregon — says it cleans up after itself, so that somehow excuses the massive wastefulness and destructiveness of the product? Sure, yes, right.

The depravity of this is multiple. For now, though, I’ll simply repeat Robert L. Heilbroner’s words:

How strong, deep, or sustaining can be the values of a civilization that generates a ceaseless flow of half-truths and careful deceptions?

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  2. The conditions of oil diggers in Russia, Azerbaijan, and Kazakhstan resemble those of the Stalinist/Brezhnev economy – Chutzpah, delusion, threats, and the mafia. It’s a famous story how Yeltsin and Putin came into power, but it is more appalling to see how former Brezhnev gangs had secure their presidential power in the CIS. Ilham Aliyev has just celebrated his father, Heydar’s 85th anniversary. His father was a KGB director of Baku and was a politburo member under Brezhnev. Nursultan Nazarbayev of Kazakhstan is the boss of the CIS mafia, as his former son-in-law in exile to Austria has revealed. The oil industry is now completed run by the Mafia-KGB rogues who appear in front of their people as National Leader or a new wealth provider. Pity on these people in former Soviet republics.

  3. I find it interesting that a posting that has such strong values offers no facts into their belligerent accusations into a companies honest effort in trying to offset its manufactures carbon foot print. The people that work at these establishments are not the ones that design and manufacture the products and it does say something that they are trying to assist in making the impact less than what everyone else is doing. I would think that instead of being ignorant and judgmental that people would think of how a company is actually trying. I prefer to read a post that has merit and facts rather than random banter of a low educated individual that clearly is blinded by their own stubbornness.

  4. Francisco, could you clarify what you’re trying to say? Are you suggesting TCT has been unfair to Land Rover? If that’s what you’re saying, then is it your view that making and selling any imaginable product is fine with you, so long as the seller is “trying”? You can’t really be saying that, can you?

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