Olbermann Nails It

Not that it excuses Barack Obama’s disgusting, cleverly disguised “vacuous-to-repressive neoliberal politics” (spotted and described by Adolph Reed, in his book Class Notes, way back in 1996), but Keith Olbermann absolutely gets it right about the walking disease known as Hillary Clinton:

The video (with typically biased headline — this is not a rant; it’s a rare snippet of rather tame and long-overdue journalism).

2 Replies to “Olbermann Nails It”

  1. No, Keith Olbermann DID NOT nail it.

    Politico.com printed a retraction stating such. But the cat was out of the bag by then and all the lemmings that love to skewer Hillary Clinton every chance they can had at it anyways.

  2. Do you have an actual argument, Alessandro?

    Hillary Clinton is a mentally ill train wreck. She worse than her husband, and that’s quite something.

    P.S. Looked at your site…How was Olbermann sexist? Is criticizing a woman sexist? Why?

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