As the Democrats Stab Your Back…

truthCanada spends half of what we do per capita on healthcare and they do have some waiting lists, but they’re really not as bad as the right wing portrays them. The waiting lists are a result of their level of spending. Our problem in the US is we spend a lot of money but we have a bad system. In Canada they have a good system but they just don’t spend enough money on it. We have great hospitals and great nurses and well-trained doctors and lots of fancy technology. We have what we need, and yet we still can’t take care of patients because the financing system doesn’t work.

— Steffie Woolhandler, M.D.

4 Replies to “As the Democrats Stab Your Back…”

  1. Late reaction to your previous post: yes, it’s time for a new party, a new constitution, a new state. I’d call it “the People’s Party”, and the first two planks of its platform would be: full employment and universal, government supported health care. The third would have to do with war, but I haven’t come up with the right way to say it, so that even my yahoo neighbors would get it. Finally, maybe, something like “end all special privileges for corporations”.

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  3. Canadians do have waiting lists but arriving at the top of the queue is a government paid doctor.

    hce “end all special privileges for corporations” is the one big change we need in N America. Corporations have been the major influence in the way our societies have developed.

    In the drive for greater sales and profits
    many corporations have abandoned basic ethics. We are faced with false labeling, small print, hidden charges, bully marketing, gouging, marketing kids and other ravenous tactics that we now just accept.

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