The Axe Fraud Spreads

As the world hurtles toward its Mad Max future, what are our wonderful corporate capitalist behavior manipulators spending their time researching?

Can you get males to start thinking more about their looks than they currently do?

landfillAs part of this valiant soap-selling endeavor, we are about to witness the expansion of the Unilever corporation’s efforts to foist its shameful Axe line of products on teenage boys with the preposterous promise that smelling of Axe will get you laid.

The Procter & Gamble conglomerate is now taking this pathetic fraud to the next older age group with the new “pheromone-infused” Dial for Men Magnetic Attraction Enhancing Body Wash.

And people wonder how American culture gets so moronified…

2 Replies to “The Axe Fraud Spreads”

  1. You’re not allowing for what they’re advertising to teen-age girls — chemically matched to the boys’ scents by sympathetic symbiosis, so that everyone gets laid!

    BTW, Michael, your comments on SMBIVA are bullseyes.

  2. Indeed, hce, they are doing all the same stuff to girls, x100. In fact, the same corporate marketing creep who made that remark about trying to get men to be more looks-conscious also complains that this kind of game remains “tiny” vis-a-vis men. For women, it’s huge, which explains what you see out in the post-feminist streets.

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