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  1. “U.S. policy toward Iran’s nuclear reactors has been consistent for 40 years.”


    In a secret letter dated April 13, 1974, to the Shah’s confidante Amir Assadollah Alam, US Ambassador to Iran Richard Helms wrote, “We have noted the priority that His Imperial Majesty gives to developing alternative means of energy production through nuclear power. This is clearly an area in which we might most usefully begin on a specific program of cooperation and collaboration…” In two National Security Decision Memoranda dated April 22, 1975, and April 20, 1976, US President Gerald Ford authorized selling Iran uranium enrichment and reprocessing facilities in return for Iran buying eight nuclear reactors from the United States. Iran and the United States then signed an agreement worth approximately US$15 billion, by which the United States agreed to build eight NPPs in Iran that would have had a total capacity of 8,000 megawatts (MW). The formal announcement of the agreement was made in October 1977 by Sydney Sober, a representative of the US State Department, in his address to the symposium, “The US and Iran: An Increasing Partnership.”

  2. I understood that article perfectly well, NOFP. It’s you who obviously miss the point. The NPT permits Iran to have nuclear power and uranium enrichment. When our boy the Shah was there, we cut deals to build the infrastructure. Now, despite our own disregard of the NPT as it applies to us, we are trying to convert Iran’s pursuit of its treaty rights into grounds for sanctions and possibly war, all while ignoring Israel’s refusal to sign the NPT.

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