Questions From the Consumer Trap Community?

goat-ears I’m never sure this blog matters.  Sometimes, I think the lack of comments is a sign that I’m pissing up a rope, or high on my own fumes, or something akin to that.

Sometimes, I fancy that it might only be a sign of how unfamiliar my/our angle of vision is.

Other times, I think it might be that I simply don’t ask y’all directly to give it both barrels.  Or maybe…Or maybe…

But the truth is that, if you read this blog and care about the issues it addresses, you might as well propose topics, ask challenging questions, or even send things you want me to post under your byline.  It ain’t rocket science, after all.  It’s just watching reality.

Having said that, do you people have questions you’d like to investigate and have us elaborate/debate here?

Remember:  There are no bad questions!

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  1. Well, this blog definitely matters to me! I read it regularly and think it’s great and spot-on and love both its content and the uncompromising and honest language that mirrors what I think that I never hear or read from anywhere else! I’ve just read “Time’s Up!” by Keith Farnish, which wonderfully describes how “industrial civilisation” is destroying the world so the only way to save the world is to destroy “industrial civilisation”, but I noticed and wished he did that whenever he described “industrial civilisation” he was obviously describing “capitalism”, which you and this blog also wonderfully describe as pretty much the same thing he means. (Is it on purpose that Farnish elaborately and repeatedly describes how people are alienated from nature and their work and each other and themselves without ever once using that Marxist-sounding word?)

    I guess my only other question is the same one that led me to this blog in the first place: Is there any updated news on when your new book, “Automobiles Uber Alles”, is coming out?

  2. This blog matters to me too. I share its perspective, and found the blogger’s book fascinating. I wish he would tell us something about his next book, which I believe is about cars and capitalism. I read you several times a week. Keep it up!

  3. I only read your blog; I subscribe to it in a reader.

    I like your blog, and I learn from your posts. For me, these past few months, I have stopped commenting on blogs; I’ve stopped getting into “debates” on blogs in the comments sections with faceless, nameless people. I rarely comment in anybody’s blog.

    If my memory serves me correctly: I found out about this blog from a comment that you left on a post of The Black Agenda Report. (You posted a comment and linked your blog to your name in the comment.) Your comment was interesting/thought-provoking enough to peak my curiosity about your thoughts…and, voila!!! I discovered you had a blog, and I’ve been reading it ever since (that was about two years ago).

    This economy has hit me very hard, and my life is in too much of a shambles, wherein I only have the energy to be a reader (of anybody’s blog)–a commenter, I rarely am. But if you are looking for a way to build this blog, here is a good place to get lots of lessons/tips:

  4. You have been highly productive the past month, maybe un-self-consciously, and it is good to keep in mind the value of pacing yourself lest you experience burn-out. A post a week is probably sufficient to keep your site vital. It is one of the best blogs on the web, without question, and your short posts are always eye-opening.

  5. I read the blog. I used to be more regular, now I’ll check in every now and then and go through all the posts until I’m current. I first got here via SMBIVA, which I now read with similar frequency (love MJS, find OP unreadable, sorry). I’ve been more into fringe sites lately, I think lefty blogs turn a blind eye to a lot of deep politics (criminality beyond war crimes and unconstitutional this or that, etc.) that turns up even in the NYT, etc. (scroll through a few pages of cryptogon to see the sorts of stories I’m talking about). My father in law is a car design fetishist who talks too damn much so I love the fuck cars and fuck marketing rants here. I got dragged to a Fisher Auto Body reunion and got to hear Harley Earl’s grandson go ballistic over how bitter he is that his GM stock was worthless, you would have enjoyed it. I like that you bring up peak oil, even though I guess it’s still a bit fringe, but google Dave McGowan and read his columns where he talks about Mike Ruppert, it’s funny as shit even if you might think it’s full of shit. Anyway, no real questions, just another reader telling you to keep fighting the good fight and all that.

  6. I have a question. We know that the US Fed and Treasury pledged approximately 23.7 trillion dollars to save the FIRE sector of the US economy. How much of that was actually transferred to FIRE sector corporations in the last two years?

  7. I have a question. In their paper, Class and Monopoly( , marxian economists Richard Wolff and Stephen Resnick argue among other things against the idea advanced by Baran, Sweezy and others that “competitive capitalism necessarily evolved into monopolistic or oligopolistic capitalism”. For Wolff and Resnick “Monopoly power, when achieved, does not necessarily contribute to an expanding economy, nor to a stagnating one. Our value examples show the many ways that monopolies can and do contribute to a variety of different economic conditions: more competition and less competition; more and less technical innovation; inflationary spirals; depressed real wages and consumption spending; unevenly developing depart¬ments; simultaneously falling real wage and rising subsumed class incomes; and so on”

    This seems to run directly counter to the arguments about monopoly that you have advanced in your book. So my question is, what do you make of Resnick and Wolff’s thesis?

  8. Fine, a highly worthy blog, but why the exasperation? I have found as a commentor a marvelous marginalization, as if when I write in with the “challenges” you speak of,
    I float away further into the churning sea. I I get responded to, if at all, with 1) hostility (Paul Street, Common dreams) or 2)censorship (Common Dreams, or 3)complete indifference (SMBIVA)
    A. It could be my style and content –
    B. Putative leftists are intensely scared
    C. Putative leftists are self-infatuated and cannot stand challenge.
    D. We live in a deluge of information that makes intellectual response to any situation gibberish if it does not conform to some established mode of pseudo-thought.
    So – the onus is on you, MD, to make your blog work. If it doesn’t, it may be that you lack the capacity to engage others in productive debate. That’s a very common failing, and no reason at all to stop writing. Write for yourself, entertain ideas, and be afraid of no response. I comment fitfully, not much at all, and it’s a pitiful pastime, but I get some pleasure out of it – okay, almost all in the anticipation, practicall none in the give-and-take.
    Keep up the fine work.

  9. I read your blog all the time and I think it is great. I don’t have a lot of time so I don’t comment.

    Please don’t stop writing! Sites like yours are really needed so people can see their way through all the mind fog the MSM spews out everyday.

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