The System Works

So let’s say an overclass that already owns 90 percent of everything needs to perpetuate a couple of profitable and ideologically useful false-flag wars, and also wants to grant itself the biggest handout in the history of public spending.  Let’s also say that the population had clearly gotten tired of the comparatively honest, tough-talking faction in the ruling political cohort.  What you would then need, if you wanted to get your way, was a new figurehead capable of re-packaging the overclass agenda by means of “nice guy” prevarications.

The basic idea would be to have the new liar strike poses that looked somehow responsive to popular desires for something other than business-as-usual, but to have the new figurehead actually continue on with the real plan, even as s/he sold the image of “change.”

Q:  Would it work?  Would the people swallow the schtick, and then remain sufficiently confused to let it all unfold, even as the evidence of continuity piled up?

A:  This graphic, from a December 21, 2009 Business Week report on a recent Bloomberg poll of 1,000 U.S. adults:


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  1. It is amazing that only 13% of us can see what is happening. I know the media can twist the truth to make black seem white, but the fact that so many people can ignore what is happening in their own lives continues to astound me.

    By the time the majority of the people wakeup to what is happening it will be way too late to make any worth while change possible.

  2. great poll

    u know i see a corporate re alignment
    behind the dembots as
    the strategic majority party
    and the repubs as the party of white american protest
    until a few mid course corrections in the system can be navigated

    the health sector is too big
    the trade deficit too chronic
    the household credit dependent
    consumer system too exhausted

  3. “It is amazing that only 13% of us can see what is happening”

    really ???
    i suspect u underestimate how much reform WILL be undertaken
    so long as it remains by corporate apporoved methods

    obama can not be another carter or clinton
    he has to deliver …
    and i submit he will delivery
    much as st woody delivered
    in his first term

    thinking corporate chiefs can’t
    pull in their claws some is to
    underestimate their sense of reality
    they are not chastened but they are awake to the dangerous of more of the same opld same old by the party twins

  4. “One of the open questions we face is whether a capitalist overclass that has television at its disposal can be defeated.”

    of course it can
    just not
    in the metropole
    where it can afford a few reforms now and then

  5. Damn, what Jennifer25 said is right-on – does she work in the White House?

    Your question is absolutely pertinent, and the answer is no, of course not, the capitalist overclass owns the juice, the delivery system for the juice, and if it sputters terribly and gets clogged, as it is now, why us rats just keep hitting the bar, wanting, demanding, “hoping” for that sweet red juice to sluice our way.

    Was Jennifer 25 talking in code? I’m worried.

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