3 Replies to “James Randi, Dedicated Irrationalist”

  1. Fine and worthy.
    The discussions were fully tedious – your charges against the Randi stand uncontested.
    I have a Working Assets Visa, which donates a share, a share of its profits to some righteous left causes. Yet, because I pay my 9.9 % interest balance in full, my “progressivism” is worthless – but I guess it beats the alternatives.
    The individual human is berated for performing individual functions that are conditioned by institutional forces that escape all responsibility.
    It is a great service when alleged carriers of “liberalism” are caught and revealed performing odious corruption that they seem to always impugn to others. Kind of like the higher education racket.
    The left becomes a selective conscience, as when professional liberal Jeff Cohen slathers up his Google hosts about the wonders of Google when invited to give some soliloquy to the assembled Google code whores.
    Good stuff.


  2. Martin, I saw something today, maybe in the NYT, about how Google has turned the www search into the Home Shopping Network. Its founder has said “we’re in the advertising business.”

    I’d wager Google is going to get progressively worse in the future, to the extent the electrical grid continues to operate.

  3. No, not Randi!!! Though I do like Randi and have bought some of his books over the years, your items both here and the earlier one on his VISA ads are spot-on. Randi’s double-standard is obvious: he mercilessly exposes fraudulent psychics and televangelists even though they use the EXACT SAME COP-OUT, “Hey, my tricks and techniques never FORCED all those people who believed in my psychic powers and religious preaching to send me all that money!”, that advertisers do, but yet he lets the latter get away with “Advertising never FORCES people to buy anything.”

    Incidentally, I posted a comment on the “Death by Car” blog last week, but it doesn’t appear. Maybe it appeared only in the “Junk Mail” filter and so was never seen. Or maybe it sucked and deserved to be “moderated” away!

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