Planned Implosion in KC

From the overclass perspective, dumb and indoctrinated as we are, the U.S. population is over-educated. Hence, as a logical and hoped-for-from-above outcome of the ongoing market-totalitarian agenda, which kicked into high gear in the late 1970s, Kansas City is closing 29 of its 61 public schools.

All during the reign of Barack Obama, promiser of “change,” eager continuer of the 30-year-old overclass policy of pretending the problem with American schools is technical, rather than a question of money and its radically unequal distribution.

Yet again, in a very tiring pattern that’s lasted my whole life: Worst President ever…

2 Replies to “Planned Implosion in KC”

  1. Years ago I said that, as bad as W. was, in the future he would be remembered as a great president because his successors would be even worse. At least with W., unlike with Obait-and-switch, I don’t have to keep reminding everybody that actions speak louder than words. Probably the only thing W. ever said that I agreed with was in his campaign against Kerry when W. kept saying that at least with him (W.) you knew exactly what he stood for and what you were getting. But liberals are so enamored of Joke-Barfa that they have given him a free pass; for example, as Cindy Sheehan keeps pointing out, the anti-war movement that was so visible under W. and would still be so visible under Mickey C. is almost completely invisible under Hope-Bomber.

    Already I can make the same prediction for Saint Change that I did for his predecessor: his successors will be even worse.

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