Shameless, Simply Shameless

From the top on down, the Obama Administration is as full of shameless liars as any before.

Take the case of Peter Orszag, Obama’s budget director.  This prep-school douche, who grew up in Massachusetts but likes country music, just said this to Business Week about medical insurance in the United States [emphasis added]:

Currently, overall health care is about 16% of GDP. It is projected to rapidly increase. In 10 years, it will increase by a few percentage points as a share of GDP. But the issue is it continues thereafter. And the thing that’s important about the bills under consideration—the single most important thing we can do—is to move the incentive system for providers, hospitals, and doctors away from paying for more stuff. The problem is that we currently do not know exactly how to design that system.


Also quite revealing about what’s going to happen after they pass “reform.”

3 Replies to “Shameless, Simply Shameless”

  1. Michael, along the lines of the State of the World report, Tim Jackson of the Brtitish “Sustainability Development Commission” authored a study on “prosperity Without Growth,” which is available on-line, which tackles many of the same issues, including the “consumerism” you have so definitively written on. I would be interested to hear your informed take on the perspective – he was also interviewed by Alex Smith on his Radio Ecoshock podcast, which is where I came across it.

  2. Martin, I’ll look at that more closely. From what I’ve seen, it’s not quite as awful as the Worldwatch “report,” in that it doesn’t seems to dump the whole problem onto “consumer culture.”

    But it also looks like a pretty fluffy fence-sit, too. “Sustainable business” is an oxymoron, if you’re talking about capitalist businesses, rather than mom and pop shops that exist merely to bring in wages. Nonetheless, it looks like they are full of “business commissioners” in that project.

    Sustainability is obviously and utterly incompatible with corporate capitalism. I’m not seeing that point anywhere on that website, or in Jackson’s sheepish interview.

  3. Hi, Michael:

    Would it be possible for you to make some digital video clips about monopoly capitalism for class purposes? I am teaching economics and business, and there are no video tapes whatsoever about monopoly capitalism (those that teach Sweezy & Baran’s monopoly capitalism). I found one that heavily draws from Harry Braverman, but nothing really anything about monopoly capitalism that talks about monopoly surplus and advertising. I thought you’re the only one who has money and time to produce such videos.

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