Idiot Wind

windmills protest Even among greens, wind power is almost universally accepted as a viable solution to Peak Oil.  Alas, wind power is greenwash.

Two items:

Wind Farms Over-Rated

Micro-Wind Hopeless

None of this stops energy capitalists from spreading and exploiting the shit out of the naive assumptions that rule the roost on this crucial topic.

The fact of the matter is that the laws of physics are real, and they dictate that it always costs some energy to get energy.  As explained by Kevin Phillips, wind power’s regime had its heyday in the 17th century.  It is not capable of powering the 21st, unless we get very radically small.

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  1. Dear Mr. Dawson,

    I was curious as to whether you were still planning to publish that “Automobiles Ueber Alles” book? And will it still be through Monthly Review Press? My interest was very much piqued with that article you published on MRzine back in 2005 entitled Karl Marx and Carmageddon.

  2. In the new book “Power Hungry,” by self-styled centrist though obviously libertarian and oil-business supplicant Robert Bryce, wind energy is torn apart as a no-go, for the various reasons you probably could also specify or find.
    “Greenwash,” however, to me, is a term that denotes the self-anointing greening propaganda that our filthy dirty corporations put out to the public to cover their essential extractive crimes. Wind, as a fossil fuel replacement, is more a greenwish (no real chance at any success) than advertising copy greenwash (now playing all over the Tube, on the stupid pop-ups on the Internet, on the lame campuses – a flood of this laughable horror.

  3. Good point, Martin, though I do also think that power companies are using wind to collect higher rates from customers, on the theory that paying extra is helping build a replacement infrastructure. It would be fascinating to see the books on what the profit margins are in the process.

    Bryce is useful, despite his narrow limits. He respects the geophysics at least.

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