2 Replies to “Psychosis”

  1. We recently visited Florida on vacation (there was no public transport and we had to rent a car to go anywhere and were always paying high tolls and parking fees left, right, and center – the most efficient transportation system in the world, how nice!), and the “Energy Adventure” at Epcot Center definitely needs falling-down-laughing emoticons. The sequence with Bill Nye the Science Guy showing Ellen DeGeneris how wonderful undersea oil drilling is was in very bad taste just a few months into the Gusher in the Gulf, but the worst part that made me really want to make comments that could be punctuated with a “wah-wah” sound made by a muted trombone, like in the “Debbie Downer” sketches on Saturday Night Live, was the conclusion, the “Final Jeopardy” question to which DeGeneris “correctly” answered that the human mind would last forever and human ingenuity was an eternal resource that would always solve all humanity’s energy problems and so “Don’t worry your pretty little head about it”. (Alex Trebec was of course the Jeopardy host, and Jamie Lee Curtis was the smart-aleck know-it-all who stupidly was unable to “correctly” answer the Final Jeopardy question.) But my 9-year-old daughter liked the part with the dinosaur animatronics, and frankly, so did I, so I said nothing to spoil the occasion.

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