It Only Gets Worse

I have reluctantly concluded that voting for candidates* has become meaningless in the market totalitarian, one-party United States. The equivalence and mutual venality of the two brands comprising the reigning Business Party duopoly is now complete, as is their eager “bi-partisan” participation in the surrender of all political discourse to the inherently irrational form of television advertising.

And the amount of money flowing into the whole sham is, of course, as always, setting new records.  All without a single, solitary policy matter seriously at stake from either “side.”

Inevitably and intentionally, meanwhile, what passes for campaigning now is corporate television saturated with the most cynical, dishonest, and insubstantial bullshit blips you could imagine.

As Republicans run Orwellian ads combining supply-side government bashing with feigned upset at cuts to Medicare, here is the stuff of Democratic Congressbots’ “politics”:

“I’m (fill in the name), and I’m working in Congress so people with good ideas can grow and expand [interesting contrast here!] their businesses. That’s why** the tax breaks I passed help entrepreneurs create high tech jobs.”

That’s not made up: watch Wu’s Woo.  Like I say, Orwell couldn’t make this stuff up.

SMBIVA, for realz.

*Ballot measures, despite their own extreme perversion and vulnerability by the money-and-TV electoral system, retain some potential democratic meaning.  I’m certainly voting for this one, for example.

**The Congressbot here manages to fuse supply-side cant with the claim that supply-side tax cuts are effective because the Congressbot “worked in Congress” for them.

4 Replies to “It Only Gets Worse”

  1. And besides, the price of an intercontinental stamp here in Luxembourg has just gone up again! For the first time ever, I am not exercising my right as a U.S. citizen to vote in their elections by absentee ballot (not that it ever had an effect worth the stamp). “If Voting Could Change The System It Would Be Illegal!”

    While individual political campaigns may be “amusing”, all of them added together, over decades, makes the “ourselves to death” part. Reminds me of a metaphor I read once in some book by some guy: while individual piranhas aren’t so dangerous, all of them gathered into schools start handing out diplomas and degrees (or something like that!).

    Just saw in the local news that Facebook is much more popular in Luxembourg than it is in neighbouring countries: nearly half the population here (especially people aged between 25 and 29) have registered themselves on Facebook, while only over 40% of people in France and Belgium use it and only 18% of the population in Germany. And the other day I saw this headline: “Public transport use dwindling in Luxembourg”. We are told: “A report exploring modes of transport in Luxembourg by CEPS/INSTEAD showed that only 12% of the country’s population uses public transport, compared with 60% in 1960. Car and road improvements [so the saying that Luxembourg is “2 streets and 200 banks” is an exaggeration (the streets part, not the banks part)] and the construction of motorways have enabled motorists to get around more quickly, with average speeds rising from 30.7km/hr in 1960 to 48.1km/hr today. Meanwhile car ownership has mushroomed during the last 50 years. Luxembourg now counts 650 cars for every 1000 residents, compared with just one car for every five people in 1960. The number of cars per thousand of the population has grown from less than 200 in 1960 to 650 today. According to the report Luxembourg’s car ownership rate is higher than in France which counts a car for every two people.” Plus, this country was sitting on its heels on September 29 while other countries in Europe were at demonstrations or on strike and hasn’t itself had a general strike since 1982!

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