Sayonara, Facebook: Phone Number or Picture ID?

“To continue, we need you to provide your phone number. This quick security check helps keep Facebook a community of real people who connect and share using their real identities.”

After many months of uncontroversial usage, this is the message that marketing data-scraper Facebook now places before me, as a requirement of further entry.  The “alternative” mode of “verification”?  Sending them an image of my government issued photo ID! ROFLMFAO.

This is the end.  Facebook is not getting more free marketing data from me.

As the late, great Blackadder once said, “Bye-eee…”

5 Replies to “Sayonara, Facebook: Phone Number or Picture ID?”

  1. That crap is happening to me right now. I “LIKED” 3 pages I did not accidently clicked on 1& now I can not get access my account! I changed my password about 5 times, answered the security question, indetifidied my friends,entered the security code THEY SENT me & they said it was all wrong! I would like to access my account atleast to deactivate it, I can’t even do that!

  2. Mine’s still locked, and I simply refuse to tell them any more personal data and/or waste my time trying to find a way around this, which I still would wager is nothing more than a rolling data harvesting ploy.

    Guess what? I don’t miss FB, either.

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