Now We Know: Jackie Kennedy Was a Moron

This has to do with political marketing, but check out what the upper-class bimbo Jackie O had to say about reality. If MLK was a fraud, what, pray tell, was JFK?

As usual, you have to look at places like TCT for any actual logic on these topics, despite the supposed central glory of the personages involved.

Now we know why they sat on this for 47 years. What a pinhead!

4 Replies to “Now We Know: Jackie Kennedy Was a Moron”

  1. Hi there, Kelly! Welcome to TCT. May we offer you some food for thought, even though your choice of faves in life suggests you’re not exactly the thinking type?

    To wit:

    “America” is 314 million massively propagandized people with widely differing opinions. The fact that some (tiny) part of this group “loves Jacqueline” not only has nothing whatsoever to do with the topic of this post, which was whether Jacqueline was a banal moron, but could certainly be taken as a major sign of what’s wrong with the society, in no small part due to the penetration of image and marketing into politics, as spearheaded by your hero and her equally banal, war-criminal first spouse.

  2. Your a very nasty man. Wit – real or imagined – does not equate intelligence. And I see you you are writing about a deceased woman who cannot retaliate to your commentary. Go michael!

  3. Dear Mr. Dawson – couldn’t you think of something nice to write for a change? It seems you think of yourself as an edgy, über intelligent blogger of the avant-garde variety, when you really are akin to the neighborhood bully kid who enjoys poking barking dogs through a fence with a sharp stick. I would like to ask you – did you personally know the Jack & Jacqueline Kennedy, thus providing you the necessary insight for your vicious, mean-hearted opinions which you’ve trumpted to the world? If not, then where else would you yourself possibly have come up with the idea that Jacqueline Kennedy was a “bimbo … [a] banal moron … [a] pinhead” than from the “massive propaganda and penetration of image and marketing” yourself? Jacqueline Kennedy Onasis was a person who craved privacy, and kept herself as much out of the public eye as humanly possible. How is it that you have the insight required to make such inflammatory statements? And how exactly did you come to the conclusion that President Kennedy was a “equally banal war-criminal”? Seriously? What exactly did the Kennedy’s ever do to you specifically to create the ire and vitriol required for such name calling on your part? I’ll admit I’ve personally never met either of them, true, but I know that both tried to be good people – I deduce this from the fact that both came from good families that loved and supported them; they were both very well educated and intelligent; they both worked very hard their entire lives to help enrich this country and make it a better place to live for future generations; and they both had excellent manners and deportment skills, which they utilized, unlike many people. Can you say the same? Perhaps you are jealous of the fame and privilege they enjoyed? What I can say about Jack and Jacqueline is that they both experienced terrible things – atrocious things – that no one should ever have to endure in life, and this makes them both far from banal. And yes, I understood perfectly what the topic of your post is about – but the fact that Amercia still loves Jackie (and for many a good reason) doesn’t negate that one jot.

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