Strangling Public Enterprise

legislator For those interested in the story of how the overclass suppresses not-for-profit public enterprise, the latest edition of Bloomberg Business Week carries a must-read.

Funny, isn’t it — the extravagant tricks required to preempt something that’s supposedly stillborn and/or self-destroying and/or a road to serfdom, if not simply impossible?

One might also wonder if the case of the model telecom legislation pushed by the American Legislative Exchange Council will also be taught as part of another of ALEC’s efforts — an attempt, on behalf of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, to plant state laws “requiring that all high school students take a class in ‘free enterprise’ as a condition of graduation.”

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Walter Wit Man
Walter Wit Man

And the Gates gave this group $370K to attack public schools as well:

Michael Dawson

That’s a major smoking gun there on Gates and education. I’ve always assumed the real idea there was to find new ways to trick schools into thinking they need more computers.

The whole notion that educational underachievement is the root of our problems is, of course, mega-bogus.

John Marsh is a good commentator on that front, fwiw.