Dishonest or Dumb?

ketchup_reagan It’s a timeless question about overlords both ancient and new.  Are they lying or do they actually believe their own ideology?

The issue popped up this past week in this howler enunciated by Mark Zuckerberg:

“We don’t build services in order to make money,” he wrote in a personal letter to shareholders included in [Facebook’s IPO-related SEC] filing. “We make money in order to build better services.”


One might ask if Facebook would be willing to appoint a majority of ordinary Facebook users to its corporate board, so as to assure itself of the authenticity of its supposed efforts at “better” services.  Should there be ads on Facebook?  Should Facebook accumulate the world’s biggest marketing database and make money for Mark Zuckerberg and other rich people by selling the scraped, uncompensated information to other corporate capitalists?  Who votes “No”?

Yeah, didn’t think so…

One Reply to “Dishonest or Dumb?”

  1. The “timeless question” answers itself. Of course it is both lying and self-deception that exists in the fascist cranium – both feed off of each other, creating a self-referential and self-reverential billionaire fascist.
    That Zuckerberg quote is profoundly stupid, arrogant and nonsensical an the same time, but there are gates and moats and the protection coming from tens of billions of laundered profits awaiting this lunatic in his mental asylum. All we commoners can hope for are signs of his psychic disintegration, which is well indicated by his protesteth too much routine here – he sort of knows he’s a moral goner, like Gates and Buffett.
    Ask Steve Case how his life is – if you can find him.

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