President Coke (or is it Pepsi?)

ROFL! Unwilling and unable to suggest a single compelling reason why people should care about his re-election (“Defend the individual mandate!”), Brand Obama has apparently settled on boilerplate “consumer goods” marketing techniques this time around. The latest campaign combines celebrity endorsement and a sweepstakes:

Interestingly, while the landing site for this click-through ad conveys the impression that one must make a donation to win the grand “prize” of being admitted to the fundraising soiree at Clooney’s California mansion, the Official Contest Rules (again, Orwell couldn’t have thought this stuff up) say otherwise.

Fraud is as fraud does, down to the last detail.

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  1. Strange photo – they are doing a TV cop show together?
    One of the least-explored realities of the Consumer Trap is the experience of working in it. Caitlin Kelly’s Malled is a fascinating report of a pissed-off journalist slumming it by working for a North Face outlet, where she is a hard worker, good obedient wage slave, and still ends up fired and angry despite her sympathies for the corporate mentality – she even quotes shopping-torture consultants, but her depiction of working the “cash wrap” is authentically brilliant.
    Average wage for a US retail worker? $8.92. The kid I asked at a Reebok outlet? $8.00 an hour. What a fucking embarrassment.

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