Fraud You Can’t Believe In

snake It’s kind of funny to watch the mainstream commentariat tripping over itself trying to explain the massively obvious truth that nobody sane believes Barack Obama ever stood for change of any kind.

Everyone knows what Barack Obama’s campaign slogan was in 2008. No one seems to know what it will be for 2012.

The White House has been cycling through catchphrases since announcing his reelection bid a year ago: Winning the Future, We Can’t Wait [ROFL: wait for what?], An America Built to Last, An Economy Built to Last, A Fair Shot [ROFL x2: politics as the chance to buy a lottery ticket?]. They seem to be looking for one to resonate — and the constant unveiling of new ones suggests that so far, none of them have. To communications experts, the kaleidoscope of slogans is the latest reflection of the difficulties finding and marketing a message that Obama has faced almost since his inauguration.

To date, Obama and his advisers have largely been defining themselves through contrast messaging — senior adviser David Plouffe called the GOP field a “clown show,” and Obama’s been casting of himself as the sober voice arrayed against irresponsible and hapless opponents.

[All the advisers] agree: The window for Obama to settle on a strong — and consistent — slogan is closing, no matter the continuing Republican primary campaign.

What an irritant these election shows are for the empty vessels who want to sell themselves as the system’s pitchfork catchers! As wondrous a strategy as squatting on the corporate nest is for collecting the monies that buy the ads, selling oneself as the sober voice of stasis in a time of clear popular outrage is simply hard to do.

Apparently, it’s equally difficult for the mainstream media to come within a mile of describing this eminently simple conundrum. (After all, doing so would risk irking the source of not just political but also commercial advertising dollars.) Politico, the vile website in which the above story appears, chalks the sales dilemma up as “another challenge that came with the shift from insurgent outsider to sitting president.”

Advertising Age, soliciting its readers for slogan proposals for the candibots, concurs, commenting that “Change We Can Believe In” will not work for an incumbent candidate.

Of course, neither publication acknowledges the rank illogic of their proffered explanation. What if Obama had been what he sold himself as in 2008? What if he’d passed single payer medical insurance, ended wars, stopped the slide into a police state, overturned Citzens United, imposed peace and disarmament on Israel, taken energy and environment seriously, and actually helped working class people (to say nothing of African-Americans)? Wouldn’t “Defending Change” then make an even better slogan than the one he used in his first election?

But, of course, this tube of toothpaste was always filled with snake oil, wasn’t it? Hence, the slogan problem.

Now that all politics have been completely reduced to marketing campaigns, this is no trivial matter, either. In the balance hangs the salability of the brand:

Its importance, [Obama advisor] Newman explained, shouldn’t be understated. “That [the slogan] becomes the branding of the whole campaign,” he said. “That becomes the anchor to bring together disparate voter segments. It’s the glue, if you will.”

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  1. Racist, Racist, Racist. That’s what you rightes have become. Not to mention sick, demented, hateful scumbags!

    What else to describe such a disgraceful excuse of so-called “Americans” you isnult a President JUST for talking about Another, just for talking about their Cancervative God, Ray-gun. The man who created 11 tax hikes. (But he’s no socialist) had Illegal guns shipped and Made a secret deal with Iran to hold American hostages. (But he’s no traitor) Another crook, just like Nixon.

    Reagan did raise taxes numerous times because he was semi-rational unlike today’s conservatives. Reagan also produced a huge deficit. HUGE. Reagan began the slow death of the middle class by trickling UP America’s wealth and proving that “supply side” economics was what came out of the horses on Reagan’s ranch. His own David Stockman admitted it, while Bruce Bartlett, another of Reagan’s economic advisors says federal taxes are the lowest in more than 50 years and must be raised. And then there was Iran/Contra, and psychics in the White House and I could go on explaining why it was not such a great time, but I’m sure you’re not interested in facts, and I’m DOUBLY sure that while you say that Reagan inherited a mess that took 8 years to sort of solve, you began blaming Obama the day after his inauguration for the shitestorm he inherited from Bush….

    Calling the President a traitor and domestic enemy is somewhere between insubordinate and treasonous. Unacceptable for anyone to say such things about the commander in chief. To publicly call the President a domestic enemy and a traitor is seditious at best and mutinous at worst. So…Are you stupid because you believe such nonsense or are you a traitor for perpetuating known lies against your President? It’s quite simple, really. If he was the ‘worst criminal ever’, he would be in jail. He’s not. So you are either stupid or a traitor. So…Which is it? Time to start holding you dolts accountable for your nonsense again.

    Obama is NOT a communist, or a marxist, or a socalist

    Obama is obviously a corportist. Anyone looking at his record, who is aware of what the term means knows that. People who ACTUALLY studied his policies, not the racist, bigoted uneducated scumbag who believes what hate radio and head racist Rush Limbaugh tells them.

    Those spewing the socialist/marxist meme are (deliberately?) misinformed or simply ignorant.

    It’s offical: its pretty clear that racism is rampant in the GOP. And I think it always was. It just took a Black man becoming president to bring it back to the surface.

    Anyone who calls Obama a fraud and a POS is without doubt a disgusting racist, bigoted piece of shite, and That’s a fact.

    Anyone who calls for Obama’s impeachment is also without doubt a disgusting racist, bigoted piece of shite, and That’s a fact.

    I get it now, the Party of NO, is basically the Party of NO black people in the White House. There are plenty of individuals with dual citizenship.

    Plus, M. Romney was born in Detroit Michigan, which, last I checked, was within the United States. So, who cares where his father was born…… Non-issue.

    Any person born within the United States (inclusive of Puerto Rico, Guam, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and the Northern Mariana Islands) is automatically granted U.S. citizenship.

    Obama, born in Hawaii, = US Citizenship. His parents could have been martians. Their citizenship is irrelevant. If you are born in the US, you are a US citizen as far as the US is concerned. The birthers claims with regard to Obama is that he was NOT born in Hawaii.

    Obama is anything but a Socialist. He stands to the Right of Eisenhower and is trying very hard to save American Capitalism from its own stupidity. the racist right call Obama a marxist, a socialist, a Communist, a muslim because they can’t call him a Ni@@er! That’s what they mean! They can’t stand having a black in office. that this the cold hard truth!

    The biggest threat and disgrace to our country is ignorant bigoted fools. You should be stripped of your right to vote until you learn to accept reality for what it is and stop throwing around conspiracy theories. They still don’t understand that HALF of this country DON’t hate having a black man as President, half of this country aren’t as racist or a bigoted as they are.

    Here’s a gem:

    I’m a Christian by choice. –So I came to my Christian faith later in life, and it was because the precepts of Jesus Christ spoke to me in terms of the kind of life that I would want to lead –I think also understanding that Jesus Christ dying for my sins spoke to the humility we all have to have as human beings, that we’re sinful and the grace of God. I I think my public service is part of that effort to express my Christian faith.

    — President Barack Obama, September 27, 2010

  2. Questionman, wow! A veritable snowstorm of errors. Congratulations. It takes real talent to get this many things wrong. Not least of such things is your ability to perceive the nature of this blog. Seek help, friend.

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