Beyond Orwell

TCT‘s editor is one of those lefties who loves him some Orwell.  But, seriously, that dude would only be able to stammer these days.

Get this:

The maker of Agent Orange and one-time promoter of DBCP of Bhopal fame, presently the world’s second largest chemical corporation, is painting itself green because some of its products have been used to build the infrastructure for the 2012 Olympics!

Bazinga, Eric Blair!

One Reply to “Beyond Orwell”

  1. Perfectly predictable. Once you barbarize the population by completely undercutting education and critical thinking, you can implant any narrative you want (if you have da moneys…). After that, it’s smooth sailing: “Hey, if it makes sense, looks good, and feels good – then it must be true. I don’t know why, but it just feels so… right!”

    I’ve been reading Adam Smith lately, and in a few places he makes a pretty trivial, but important point: in all (european) pre-capitalist societies, the dominant powers (church, landed gentry) began to lose their power and legitimacy once they began to spend too much on themselves (made possible by trade), than on supporting the ‘underlying population’. Which then got pissed off and more or less sided with the burgeoise.

    I wonder what will be the moredn equivalent of that (if any) – how much ecological and social deterioration (so that it perceptibly hits quality of life) will it take for the system to begin to lose legitimacy?

    My main worry is that it will be slow and gradual, enabling the west to further suffocate the rest, including through massive war… We are far too comfortable and blind to the decay in the rest of the world (and at home), besides judging from history, humans have a high tolerance for misery.

    Besides, there is no one to “side with” this time around, eith population completely atomized and de-balled and de-skilled intellectually. Even in the best case scenario (e.g. an expanding block of countries forming a progressive coalition seeking different economic models in opposition to USA), chances are we’ll just get a World War 3, which we will almost certainly win, although doing so will be completely pointless since it will require the massive use of nuclear weapons. Yay…

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