Fraudbama, Zerobama, Status-Quobama

obama_fraudDid folks catch the Commander in Chief “crying” from the outside of his eye? Apparently neither law nor gravity apply to U.S. Presidents.

Meanwhile, they might revive a dropped list of ideas for possibly trying a bit harder to enforce existing gestures rules, whatever those might be. But perhaps not. Might cost the Dimbots some fraction of their chance to slip Hillary into the babysitter role in 2016. Or maybe they are just doing the usual — avoiding any and all precedents of decency.

One Reply to “Fraudbama, Zerobama, Status-Quobama”

  1. it is really sad to watch: just today, one of my friends posted an article saying how Obama should use this opportunity to push for better gun control legislation, yadda yadda, adding to her status “Obama better man up” (suggesting a mild, but stern disapproval of homeboy perhaps?).

    I responded: “No worries, he’ll totally man up, just like he did with healthcare, taxes, energy and environment, militant foreign policy, no hold bars free trade, defense spending etc.”

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