NSSF Headquarters

Remember how “it doesn’t seem possible?” How much more deluded does that sound when you realize that Newtown, Connecticut is home to the headquarters of the National Shooting Sports Association, “the trade association for the firearms industry”?

Among the many illnesses plaguing this market-totalitarian society is this sponsored solipsism, in which the world only exists for other, abstract people. In the South, they believe so strongly in the sanctity of marriage and the evils of divorce, they pass Covenant Marriage statutes. But then only one percent utilize them, and the divorce rates are higher there than anywhere else. Everybody thinks our schools suck, but also adore their own children’s teachers. People get shot on TV, right?

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  1. The keyword is probably “sponsored”, as in cheaply available identities to latch on. This is one of the most terrifying aspects of life today, since it precludes any possibility for empathy and connection (but opens ample opportunities for profit – hey, you are an environmentalist, right? the kind of guy that will buy expensive water bottle, and organically grown 200$ jeans?). If you are a conservative mom, you could not possibly admit that longer paid maternity leave would be nice and necessary. If you are an atheist, you cannot possibly acknowledge the important role religion plays in many people’s lives. If you are a liberal, you cannot possibly acknowledge that the Tea Party focuses on some straight up, important populist concers. If you can afford shopping at Whole Foods, you can’t possibly resist smirking at the uneducated proles buying the “regular” trash, can you? And on, and on, and on. there is always someone to belittle, defend against, etc. the cycle of violence continues, while the top 400 laugh on the way to the bank.

  2. But above all: if we are white middle class, we could not possibly acknowledge our obliviousness of what the intricate machinery of our daily lives is based on. It would be just too much to give up the idea of us being decent, playing-by-the rules folks, who are shocked – shocked, I tells you – when the hcickens come home to roost in whatever form.

    I wonder if some of the parents in the school work for NSSF and if so, if they are able to connect the dots….

  3. Apparently, CT has long been a gun-centric place:

    By 1904, Connecticut’s firearms industry was producing four-fifths of the ammunition and more than one-fourth of the total value of all firearms manufactured by nongovernment factories in the US.

    Today’s NYT has a story on the gun-happiness of Newtown culture:

    The gunman’s mother, Nancy Lanza, had collected several weapons, including powerful handguns and a semiautomatic rifle that she and her son, Adam, were fond of shooting, and it remains unclear where they took their target practice. Much of the gunfire and the explosions reported by residents to the police in recent months came from a spot less than three miles from their house. Police logs identified the spot as one of the town’s many unlicensed gun ranges, where the familiar noise of hunting rifles has grown to include automatic gunfire and explosions that have shaken houses.

    Still: “It doesn’t seem possible.”

    Joe Bageant on the national hologram: “Unfortunately, even people who live smack in the middle of nature are now insulated from it. We just hurtle through it sealed in our vehicles, as we travel to and from our hermetically sealed homes and workhouses. In all three places, the vehicle, the work house and the sealed boxes of consumer goods we call home, the media hallucination called the American lifestyle is beamed straight into our consciousness by media 24/7.”

  4. Well, we aren’t going to let a few facts get in the way of smug, norteastern ‘superiority’, decency, propriety, and being stereotypical white d***s.

    The hologram quote is dead on, and it also scares me/is scary accurate? Maybe I am more vulnerable intellectually than most, but I repeatedly notice that all it takes for me is about 5-10 minutes of radio, tv, or checking out the newspaper to sign with relief (!) – “um, yeah, that sounds about right, and things really aren’t so bad”.

    Which I would happily go along with – but there is so much cold, hard data on social and environmental trends that should terrify anyone with moderate scientific literacy… Yet the ‘hypnosis’ is so successful, that I routinely question myself and others aren’t *we* who are overreacting?

    Thankfully, Heller comes to the rescue (“Just because I’m paranoid, doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get me!) LOL

  5. Personally, I think this is on the right track:

    “Our gun culture promotes a fatal slide into extreme individualism. It fosters a society of atomistic individuals, isolated before power — and one another — and in the aftermath of shootings such as at Newtown, paralyzed with fear. That is not freedom, but quite its opposite.” — Firmin Debrabander

    And so it this, actually:

    “We are the only industrialized country that has this problem. In the whole world, the only one…When you see 6- and 7-year-olds as the victims, somehow or another, it goes to your heart a little more. My God, what kind of a society do you have?” — Michael Bloomberg

  6. At this point the gun culture (and the attendant individualism) is probably indistinguishable from popular culture and movies in particular – the story lines in movies are ALWAYS about an individual, who through individual awesomeness overcomes all adversity (most often through the liberal application of violence) and prevails, to live happily ever after on the top. There is NEVER a movie about people solving their problems collectively.

  7. Yes, I think it’s all deeply tied to the venerable overclass claim that “There is no such thing as society.” Sorry, Tex, but it looks like you’re gonna hafta shoot yer way outta this one…Here’s your Bushmaster .223…

    If Occupy were smarter (or even still existed), it would be clamoring for the overthrow of the Reagan Revolution, which continues unabated.

    And, as we TCTers know, the main engine of atomization is big business marketing.

  8. Yep, and the tragedy is that the bigger the crisis, the bigger the desire to insulate yourself, and hold onto whatever you already have (no matter how little, and no matter the bigger cost).

    On a lighter note, if we aren’t going to do it, progressive voices (!) from… Iran set us strait (as reported on Fox news, of all places):

    President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad used the tragedy to criticize what he called the ?profiteering ambitions of a certain group ? which have various destructive effects on the society and particularly innocent children and youths.?

    An article on the foreign ministry website said ministry spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast ?urged the American society to trigger a movement to fight war-mongering actions and massacre of defenseless and innocent people across the world by armed people during terrorist and crazy incidents.?

    ?There is no difference between children and teenagers who fall victim to armed actions in Gaza or the U.S., Afghanistan or Pakistan, Iraq or Syria in human aspects,? state-funded Press TV quoted him as saying. ?Everyone should attempt to establish peace, security and tranquility for all the people across the world.?

    Read more: http://nation.foxnews.com/iran/2012/12/17/iran-exploits-newtown-shooting#ixzz2FLuNOpRs

  9. Putting aside the “drones are worse than guns” thing, you can assume that, as soon as you succeed in getting rid of that particular idiotic product (guns), something equally crappy and more dangerous will spring up in its place. Do you want people firing heart-stopping taser clips for self defense? You can already zap a potential rapist on the subway with ten seconds of 120,000 volts for around $49.95 new. And prisoners shank each other all the time, and cars kill people, etc.

    If we treat only the symptoms, we’ll not only distract ourselves, but we’ll allow the underlying cause to mutate into something worse, just like it did previously to bring us to today. Upper-class whites will play cowboy in private galleries with different toys, and they’ll snottily congratulate each other on how their brain-liquifying focused-sound blasters are more humane than those redneck freaks with their hoarded contraband guns.

    Yeah, “random” shootings are bad, and they’re something to talk about, but although it often correlates, the independent variable in this equation is clearly not “gun access.”

  10. I have no illusions that guns are the main cause of our mounting troubles, Ark. They are certainly a symptom. But I also have a very strong sense that this is a moment where intervention for meaningful decency may exist, and I also see guns as a pretty damned major symptom.

    In any event, as you know, chances to make real social considerations count are few and far between in this market-totalitarian place and time.

    As for weapons getting worse, I’m not sure I agree with your point. I think the means of killing are pretty close to their right walls by this point. Tasers are nasty, but have pretty much zero potential for these kinds of mass attacks.

  11. Tangible explosive projectiles are effective, just like bronze broadswords or a mossy rock, but they’re certainly low on the scale of what we’re going to have eventually. Put a bunch of psychotics in a giant asylum with guns, and there will be shootings; take away the guns but leave everything else the same, and what might they come up with?

    You’d like cars to be gone, but our entire infrastructure would need to be remade before that would work. People would be, literally, starving for inability to get to food/work/etc., if just the cars went away. And worse, there’d be this sudden, false sense of “we changed something,” which is why the news pushers are almost all subtly pumping the message “dramatic gun control legislation will fix our problems.”

    If anything, I’d like to see more power in the hands of random people, rather than less. When cops shoot unarmed black kids in the street, or taser disobedient women to death to gain compliance, do you demand that they surrender their weapons? If not, what’s the difference?


  12. It does seem likely that bombs would become more prevalent, should access to guns ever be meaningfully reduced. But bombs are a lot tougher to deploy, so it might be worth it.

    As for cars, my argument is that they are going away, one way or the other, due to their wildly unsustainable level of energy waste, and also because of their contribution to global warming. Our options are collectively managed reconstruction, or descent into Mad Maxylvania.

    As for cops, I am not an anarchist. I am convinced that their is a large legitimate role for police, especially in this society. None of which is to deny the huge problem of racial profiling in that line of work. But I see a real difference between the average cop on the corner and these Lanza psychos. FWIW.

  13. This one does as well. Cops have better training, better aim, better equipment, retirement plans, trained close friends, and a working understanding of crime scenes, forensics, rules of evidence, and what triggers the local prosecutors to act. So, if they wanted to, they would be much better at this sort of thing.

    Accordingly, if any of them were to go nutty, they would be able to do so in much different ways. Their cries for help (if that’s today’s approved tagline for the latest Lone White Gunman) would probably be much smaller numbers-wise, and be termed something other than a “massacre.” The victims would no doubt be in possession of weapons when examined, and be forgotten as just another minor thug who died while resisting arrest.

    (If that sort of thing happened, we might see a lot of anger at cops in certain areas or among certain communities where individuals felt they were being “targeted” or “harassed.”)

    Given that most cops are good, and given that most of the rest of the country’s mentally-ill people have not done what Adam Lanza did, brings us back to the question: “why respond differently to a cop shooting someone”?

    Responding differently suggests a preference for procedure and ritual. If you woke up tomorrow morning, and Adam Lanza was President, how scared would you be? Hopefully, you’d be less scared than if you woke up tomorrow morning and Barack Obama was President. Their respective kill counts can’t even compete.

    So why are we more frightened of Lanza? What is it that Obama offers us, even for all his astronomically more monstrous crimes, that makes us feel safer under his umbrella? Is Murder One worse than Murder Two? Obama plans his crimes years in advance; he deliberates them as coldly as possible; his very existence is malice aforethought. If we follow the Lone White Gunman theory, Lanza at least shot himself to not have to suffer through the end results. Obama, though, is smiling and enjoying the White House holiday decorations, on another Tuesday after another murder meeting.

    It seems like pomp and circumstance hold a lot of sway over the psyche. Nice suits, uniforms, careful planning, formal titles, and it’s all so much easier to swallow. If murderers marketed themselves, you might say that Lanza was a failed startup with no message, who’ll be forgotten in a few cycles, while the DLC is Wrigley’s Gum.

  14. “It seems like pomp and circumstance hold a lot of sway over the psyche. Nice suits, uniforms, careful planning, formal titles, and it’s all so much easier to swallow. If murderers marketed themselves, you might say that Lanza was a failed startup with no message ….”

    It’s those fingerprintless white gloves, West Point certainly knows that.

    Tis true, ‘The Angel of Lights’ greatest advantage, is that people don’t believe in evil in UPPERCASE (or upper caste, if you will).

    Look at how long it took the teeny handful of predominately white management/academia class ‘netizens’ (1) who now seem to be coming close to getting it, to realize that Page, Brinn, Schmidt, Jobs, Thiel, Musk, Zuckerfuck, etcetera, are every bit as monsterous as Gates. If their are those who should be detained against thier will for their Mental Illne$$ and danger to society, they should be among the first. Certainly it’s no mistake that the APA has deliberately removed Narcissism from the spotlight and is no focusing on human mourning as a Mental Illne$$ . Typewriter analogy my fuckin ass. I pray for a two day Solar Storm effect.

    (1) So easily duped by the prospect of globalizing and doubling their pontifications (Doublemint Twin, Virtual World ™ Avatars indeed, how fucking egomaniacal and psychotic) and that Sales Tax Moratorium that so vastly price discriminated against millions without computers and/or the desire to undermine local businesses.

  15. jeesh, and how could I have forgotten to list the Bezos/’Amazon’ name, in the post above about those who should be detained, if any ….

    very sorry for the failure there. As we all are well aware, the ‘climate’ …is an absolute catastrophe …prone to having many with what we think is good intent, …. jumping the gun.

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