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  1. Shades of that godawful shot Obama/Clinton in their actual war room when somebody got shot.
    Our own Hitler Jugend/Red Guard, very intent corporate propagandists, detritus strewn around as in their happy Montessori days.
    I’m sure one of these geniuses can code my response here as “not likely one of our customers, unless we sneak it by him.”

  2. The crowd in this room represents the highest level of aspiration that many of my friends have for their kids. I’d rather see mine unhappy and miserable, than robotically embracing the latest flavor of the middle class ‘success’ cliches.

  3. Okay, parents, I shouldn’t have called your kids fascists or Red Guard. You tried you best with them, timed them out, sent them at enormous cost to the best schools, where they only dabbled in the drugs and got good grades, and they turned their unpaid internships gotten through your family connection to an actual JOB, making you prouder than any of your friends, whose kids are bartending or waitressing or going back again to get yet another degree. But, damn, all in service of what? More sugar water propaganda?

  4. A thought provoking picture. There’s something about the intent look on the smart young faces. Smart people doing dumb things. Except of course, in terms of making money, it isn’t dumb at all. These guys aren’t hitler youth – nobody is behind them with a gun in his hand. Look at all the ‘Cool’ , hippy marketers who are showcased on this website. I’ll bet they’re mostly Democrats. For my own peace. Of mind, may I finish with, fuck Coca fucking Cola!

  5. If the photos’ caption stipulated that before us was a cadre of North Korean youth, bent on the life-or-death-assuring task of raising the popularity of the latest Kim despot, everyone would grasp the main point, without need of editorialization by Consumer Trap. Behold the contemporary system of rewards, in operation, unhindered by any mandatory classes in ethics that those photographed took during their BBA and MBA studies, ethics as supplied by departments of philosophy similarly heedful of the system of rewards.

  6. Exhibit # 2,867 of why knowledge without character is dangerous, unacceptable, and should be discouraged by any mean.

    Generally speaking, I feel far more comfortable placing important decisions in the hands of mediocre minds accompanied with demonstrated character quality and grit, rather than into the hands in the smartest guy in the room, whose character doesn’t pass the smell test.

    (and this is also why people like Richard Dawkings and their enlightened, progressive, mostly middle class fans, terrify me; not to mention the Silicon Valley vunderkind sociopaths – esp. Peter Thiel)

  7. As for the “shit food”, one thing to remember, is that even these ostensibly ‘higher up’, glamorous, jobs that the youngsters covet for the lack of better options, are NOT particularly skilled – the web-success metrics have been conceptualized and standardized for quite a while now, and using them is no different than what a semi-skilled factory technician when looking at gauges and knowing to pull the plug once the arrow goes into “red”; cause it’s bad, you know. Using the web-analytics metrics requires some basic UG level of understanding of cause and effect, variables, and conceptualization, but it is nothing that a majority of graduates with basic social science and business training can’t pick up in a few weeks.

    Aaah, the ever so important few weeks of unpaid, secured through pre-existing “social capital” connections. That’s the true barrier to entry, not the skill… the actual programming work on the back end requires marginally higher level of skill of course, but like with everything else, it is concentrated in the few firms that produce the tools and the skills to actually produce them become concentrated in increasingly few hands. Probably not the crowd in this room.

    So, if I was in the corporate world, I’d definitely judge the extent to which I’m dispensable by the food served at meetings :)). Judging from the offerings on the table, this is an apt description of the predicament of the successful middle class kid – “listen up, kiddo, you’ll do a lot better than waitressing for as long as we find you useful, but don’t get any ideas about how much you actually matter…; no time for lunch, but here – have some chips, and now go deliver some results”

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