Talk on the Mild Side

reed The latest greedfreak to take a dive onto the sword that is the Hicks Dictum* is none other than Lou Reed, he of the supposed avant garde. According to Advertising Age, visiting on tape at the Cannes crapfest with “Tim Mellors, vice chairman and chief creative officer at Grey Group,” Reed said this:

“Ad people play fair with you. A is A, B is B, C is C.”

Reed is apparently feeling poor these days, whining about not getting enough royalties in the “world of downloading.”

That a human being with pretensions to thought and social conscience could have run through the amount of money Reed has devoured and then turn around and say such howling, sycophantic garbage is yet another notable Orwellian aspect of our late capitalist epoch. Hey, babe, genuinely amazing.

*The words of the late Bill Hicks: “Do a commercial, you’re off the artistic roll call. Every word you say is suspect. You’re a corporate whore and eh, end of story.”

7 Replies to “Talk on the Mild Side”

  1. 1. Rock music, man, what rebels. First Lou Reed walks on the wild side toward the ad age aisle, then pretend anti- Putin megastar Mark Knopfler poses, in the next breath, with this :
    Springsteen, Dylan, Bono, all the rockstars, shake their fist at the Man, while shaking the Man’s hand with the other.

  2. Hey, gotta feed the monster.

    Michael, consider Lou’s position on that quote: employee. If you were standing at a cocktail party, in hearing range of your boss, and someone asked whether or not s/he was an honest person, what kind of answer would you give?

    I don’t like Lou’s choice, but one-off celebrities don’t tend to have the kind of influence that long-established lines do. They were able to get rid of Shakur and Lennon rather handily when they refused to play ball.

  3. Yeah, it has to be so, given the royalty flows he must still get. Mind-bending somebody with that obscene stack would do and say what he just did and said. What a drag it is getting old…

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