2 Replies to “High Heels for Girls”

  1. Wait’ll one of its successor ads shows not merely lifters in shoes, but DNA components being adjusted, to the same ultimate effect.

    (On a side note, I feel that more people should wear lifts in their shoes. It ruins their balance and makes them far easier to best in a physical confrontation.)

  2. From your Counterpunch piece:

    What we really need — and soon — is political courage and innovation, not more capitalist-cornucopian tricks and fantasies.

    That call itself is “fantasy” – to imagine that this supersystem would, with “courage” and heed, slam the brakes on the production of cars, the use of highways, the international shipping of Happy Meals trinkets.

    With a dead left, there is no more politics, only a sideshow, an upscale version of “Bumfights.”

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