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  1. Incredible facts – so where do we go? Is there the stuff of that vaunted “revolution” in those figures? Of course not, to a nihilist – he or she sees the common human struggle to survive as technology overcomes any obstacles, but sees no rewilding wonderland, no Occupy consensus sitting, to head off the forces of entrancement.
    That said, simply reading or listening to some pedant or would-be guru is not the antidote to these numbers – monkish textual piety lead to feudal oppression and boredom. No one, not even the punishingly banal Jonathan Franzen, has an idea of how to intertwine an active life with these compelling addictions.

  2. Meh, there are certainly ways to live a fulfilling life in shitty times, which is basically most of (written) history, but it’s a little consolation since it is always a tragic experience. The question of the personality is always a social question, and the rare personality that transcends its historically determined boundaries and composition has little options other than wisdom and/or nihilism. Dying wise and calm (if not happy) or angsty and unhappy (perhaps through suicide), does not seem like a huge difference in the grand scheme of life, or accomplished vs. useless.

  3. Am I reading this right? Books are not “major media”……..”War and Peace”, “Capital”, “The Origin of Species”, etc., etc……. merely minor?

    Or, are books merely “other”?

  4. It seems to me that the only response to these dire figures is to engage in active social struggle. I am in a political party with international ties. Apart from my lovely wee boy, involvement in political struggle is my best fulfilment. Even though it’s often a thankless headache and hardly anyone supports us at the moment. This isn’t a religion substitute: I’m not waiting for utopia but i believe that within the next few decades the world will confront its barbarisms.

  5. Dear Marla, the view that times were always (or mostly) shitty is a modern view. It’s a historical narrative that current elites tell us in order to makes us feel that the shitty now is inevitable.

    Part of why we focus so heavily on western civilization is that the history of monotheistic, absolutist empires is the history of a tumor’s growth upon the world. The vast portion of human history–both outside the tumor and within, but within areas deemed “uninfluential”–has been a non-shitty history.

    They may control much about your present, and perhaps your future; do not let them own, also, your image of our past.

  6. I do hasten to add that TCT, for all of its perspicacity, has been fallling down in the actual reporting of market totalitarianism.
    Did you know that Visa is actually a co-sponsor of the FISA court? Did you know that 12 of the 35 judges on the FISA-VISA secret court are actually junior vice-presidents and above of VISA? And that decisions can earn the wiretappees extra bonus reward miles to spend towards Little Debbies cakes while in lockup?
    And that’s not the half of it. VISA is also a proud sponsor the NSA, which it is currently in negotion to rename the vast spy agency into VISA-NSA, though Mastercard currently runs the NSA’s corporate giving community service kickball league.

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