4 Replies to “Tiny Women”

  1. I would like to hear a sociolinguist comment upon her accent—or, perhaps, I mean the abscence (to my ears, anyway) of a discernible regional accent. I don’t think, e.g., she has a Boston accent.

  2. Class markers indicate that she is from the upper class – her family from the Back bay, the father an alcoholic, the mother manic-depressive, her husband a golfing stockbroker, the whole dreary Richard Yaes scenario. Actually, sit this ad in front of today’s harried soccer mom/human resoruces VP, she envies the hell out of this layabout dunce.
    And, by the way, substitute “law,” “literature,” localvore,” “education,” in the “(Blank), by its very nature, is always a cultural straggler, discreetly recycling all the prejudices and hoary excuses that serve power and privilege,” and you’d be correct. So Ms. Tiny World is actually in the vanguard of Resistance in having the time to inhale her drug of choice without a boss or whining child to serve.

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