2 Replies to “As Predicted…”

  1. Well, OT, but a worthy find:

    This bullshit is currently making the viral rounds, and I’m just appalled at how people are aww-ing and ohing and ahing over it.
    Oh, in case it wasn’t obvious, this is an advertisment for GoldiBlox – a toy company.

    So many things wrong here, I’ll leave it to the regulars. But I have to mention the obnoxiousness of making sure to include a black and a yellow girl – cuz diversity ‘n stuff you n’am’sayin’?

  2. Not off-track at all, instead completely TCT.
    What appalling horseshit – fake feminism from a mobbed-up corporate front.
    How about I guess that dumb pinkified plastic Goldberg contraption wasn’t put together by the diverso-girls, but by college-educated engineers now putting their million-dollar educamations to criminal use?

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