“It’s the car you want when you win the lottery.” Um, no and no. But that was the teaser for this latest belch from the craptastic faux-thoughtful faux-news beast known as 60 Minutes:

It almost belongs over on Death by Car, but, in the end, what this chunk of naked ideology, thoughtless worship of the main product killing the planet, and blatant “market segment” pandering says about TCT topics is more newsworthy than the actions of the Italian and German creeps who manufacture these automotive monstrosities. This schlock is what happens when news gets eaten by marketing.

Shameful. Entirely shameful.

One Reply to ““Journalism””

  1. Well, it’s a worthy find. It is not actually so easily apparent that journalism and marketing have merged, when looking at the uninterupted stream of crap online and on TV.

    I have to wonder if there are natural limits to the effectiveness though. I don’t remember who said it, but the sea of marketing is miles wide, but only a centimerer deep. I.e. isn’t this stuff bound to start to fall flat and lose its effectiveness? Well, maybe not, I suppose, just like with psychological abuse, it doesn’t have to be dramatic – just a slow daily grind of spiritual torture suffices…

    And this, of course, is why we “need” this next level stuff:

    “If you tell us a little about who you are, where you work, where you live, if we can look at your calendar to tell a little bit about what you’re doing, we can actually become a personal assistant. You don’t have to ask the question because we already know what you’re looking for.”


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