Another Reason to Avoid TV

tvAccording to Advertising Age, now that Romneycare is being imposed, there will be an “explosion” of advertising by the corporations and fake charities it was designed to rescue:

Using projections from PricewaterhouseCoopers, Scott Roskowski, senior VP-marketing for TVB, a trade association for the broadcast TV industry, predicts health insurers will spend $500 million — or more — on ads this year. He also says his estimates are conservative. Why? Mr. Roskowski said the industry stands to gain $100 billion in new revenue because of the Affordable Care Act’s mandate that nearly all Americans have health care coverage.

“This is really the growth sector in local broadcast television,” Mr. Roskowski said. “It’s going to be a heck of a year.”

And the fun continues! There will also be a matching boom in right-wing advertising encouraging people to boycott enrollment in Romneycare.

Meanwhile: “All in all, the Congressional Budget Office estimates that there will still be about 31 million nonelderly Americans uninsured in 2023.”

Only in America!

One Reply to “Another Reason to Avoid TV”

  1. Roskowski should be sentenced to two months of continual viewing, 24-7, of these godawful ads that are going to come down his pike – wait, that is pretty much what Duck Dynasty viewers are going to be sbuject to anyway.
    Never, ever trust anyone who uses, in 2014, the word “heck.” That person is, ipso facto, a demiurge, and will backsnipe you in the hallways during strained family get-togethers, and snitch you out to the NSA after dinner.
    Yet Roskow-Baby is matched by all the wonderful, swooning lesbians and gays now profiled in the progressive New York Times wedding pages, who all seem to get fat paychecks as undersecretaries for the Obama murder-con machine or various neoliberal foundations or the corp-fattened playlands of the academic behemoths – so is there anyone stlll trying to claim gay marriage as a Left victory?

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