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  1. Since there is no general forum, I’ll use this to share my latest disturbing experience with being tracked non-stop:

    Just within the last week, I received snail-mail offers from companies I have not contacted or interacted in any way, other than visit their web sites from my work computer (I no longer have a computer at home, which makes it more interesting). These were offers from a major credit card company, and a local business.

    Evidently, it is at this point a commonplace practice to mine the data on your web site visitors, which apparently is rich and far-reaching enough to enable them to retrieve my home address using nothing more than the session data from my work (!) computer. I’m no database whiz, but I know enough about databases to understand that this involves pretty sophisticated inter-connection between different data sources.

    Most annoying of all is that I have put a permanent block on my credit, and I have permanently opted out from deceiving any credit card offers, ever. No matter, I still got one.

    I have also permanently opted out from tracking by Axciom (pretty much the only major player in consumer data mining), with evidently the same result.

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