A Needle from the Haystack

Guess what. There is one actual journalist working in the United States! Who’d have thunk it?

Logically and probably necessarily, he is based in the epicenter of imperial decline, Detroit, Michigan.

In any event, check it out, and compare this with what passes for reporting in every other outlet, where brains, real questions, and major non-elite topics are banned:

5 Replies to “A Needle from the Haystack”

  1. LeDuff plays this true-blood American revenger to a Fox2 T- instead of actually representing the union’s viewpoint (available in Susy Weissman interviews on KPFK) of the right-wing decimation of the union side at the VW plant.
    This is “journalism,” to play some sort of John Stossel- lite badgering the libs? This is reverse Michael Moore-ism, feigning Duck Dynasty-style “outrage” at Washington while being an incoherent religious clown in reality.

  2. I certainly am usually not comfortable with star-spangled boots, etc., but I’m pretty sure LeDuff is pro union. And the AFL-CIO is hardly a dynamic operation, as LeDuff shows.

    In any event, what about the handling of the Koch operative and Senator Shelby? Pretty funny and profound.

  3. If that was a Kock operative, that is fine – but in the UAW-VW disaster, that operative could also have been a pro-UAW guy, a alleged out-of-touch non-working stiff brought in to “educate” the local hoi polloi.
    And LeDuff seemed simpatico with Shelby, but perhaps I missed the deeper barbs- Leduff’s confrontation with lib good guy Waxman was more Stosselesque.
    Hey, if you like the guy, fine, but this drive-American theme of his is grating, to me.

  4. I thought he really gored Shelby, by getting him to evade the union question so blatantly, then by ending en Espanol and asking him who drives him to work. If Shelby wasn’t liquored up enough at the time, I’ll bet he wanted to strangle LeDuff.

    As for the AFL-CIO, its fixation on organizing auto plants has always been a hallmark of the paycheck unionism strategy it swallowed 65 years ago. That was and is a form of suicide.

  5. Thank you for this, Michael. (And I a sorry if my previous remarks were intemperate. I am still puzzled about some issues, and I never had time to check on any replies you had. I am pretty busy here in one of the liberated territories of the evil empire.

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