Theses on Occupy

Had two interactions today that put me on this topic. So:

1. Kalle Lasn = Bill McKibben = Booker T. Washington. Just watch, if we survive.

2. Kudos to “Occupy” for sticking a left moment into the news cycle. Manhattan is perfect for that.

3. Manhattan is the worst, stupidest possible place to try to start a left movement.

4. Detroit is the proper place, and it should be a shadow state, headquartered in the Black House.

5. The Black House should make way better use of allied celebrities than “Occupy” did.

5 Replies to “Theses on Occupy”

  1. 1) I’m desirous of some explanation on the details of the Lasn/McKibben/Washington overlap.

    2) The Empire City is, by definition, the worst possible place for anything good to happen…

    3) …whether a left movement or otherwise. It is the worst city in the world. It is the insular nightmare of concrete and dead Indians. It is a pre-loaded panic room for Hollywood, Connecticut, London, and the House of Saud. It is the source of NPR. Like London then Paris then Rome then Athens, you can’t say anything bad about it that isn’t truer than true.

    4) I wonder how they’ll massage the coming civil war in Detroit? I suppose the homeless armies will have to be linked, somehow to al Qaeda, so that people don’t start feeling bad when drones begin enforcing a No Drive Zone at the perimeter.

    Then again, look what they did to New Orleans. Detroit could end up the new, much larger, Superdome, or dare we say it, Arkham City, where secret agents will be needed to go in and slaughter the deserving villains before the rest of America is destroyed.

    5) Celebrities are the death knell for popular movements. You don’t have to believe in the Illuminati to know exactly how empty their “support” is. The presence of the megamillionaire American royalty is what makes issues unserious. They didn’t get where they were by hard work and a concern for the common good. WB and Disney does not pay them that much because they are boat-rockers.

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