3 Replies to “Individualism at the (Almost) Top”

  1. Careful, Michael. If you start chronicling every phoney subversive statement that advertisers make, you won’t have time to sleep.

  2. LOL, it’s like they ain’t even trying anymore. But it is amazing the rape can continue even with such a flaccid penis :).

    On the other hand, something that TCT IMO does not pay sufficient attention to, it is a fact that the ordinary person at this point NEEDS this shit. When your life is so constrained and meaningless, you latch onto the propaganda, you don’t oppose it, because you need – and it gives you – some psychological release, justification, and reward that makes integration in the system slightly less unbearable. Yes, people are victimized, but we also eat it up to some extent.

    Hell yeah, the new car will totally enrich my life!

  3. Good observation about potency, Marla. The bitterest rapists have flaccid penises, and use foreign objects as a substitute. That’s something of a metaphor for post-industrial culture, actually.

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