Judy Woodruff

Judy+Woodruff+2011+Winter+TCA+Tour+Day+5+dtRss3Tk5vdl What a personage. TCT happened to see her show tonight during her usual phony “concerned” bipartisan posing. While asking some goon about the continuing death of journalism, she asked “How will this affect consumers of news?”

Consumers of news.” Nuff (or Ruff) said. Stay tuned for Antiques Road Show, voiceover provided by “intellectual” actor Paul Giamatti.

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  1. Antiques Road Show is indeed appalling: History and culture have value solely and ultimately when some expert declares objects are ‘worth’ X dollars at ‘auction’ ? while the audience is supposed to overlook a) how much of that sum is due to inflation; and b) that we live in a society where a few have so much money that ‘collecting’ is an actual life activity.

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