Mickey Digital

vdp The big-faced bottle blonde at right is Julia Vander Ploeg — perfect name! — is the newly appointed digital marketing head for that hoariest and least necessary of all brands, McDonald’s.

Seems that crap peddler is “under intense pressure from Wall Street to improve sales,” per Advertising Age. So, obviously, the answer is to make sure people can Facebook their Big Mac moments.

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  1. Speaking of bad products, I am an occasional (seasonal or rarer) smoker, if there is such a thing. Anyways, I don’t usually pay close attention to the cigarette boxes, but I strongly suspect that that the health warnings, at least here in texas, have been softened.

    I remember boxes used to say things like “Smoking can cause serious illness and death” etc. But just a few days ago I saw that the warning says something like “Quitting smoking now will greatly reduce serious risks to your health”.

    Seems like a significant difference to go from “You’re gonna die” to “Maybe you’ll feel slightly better if you stop doing that”

  2. It’s quite instructive to compare the warning labels in other countries.
    In England, for example cigarette
    packets carry the simple unambiguous
    warning: “SMOKING KILLS”.

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