TCT Goes Clothes Shopping!

shite As you can see/may have seen, TCT is out trying on new suits. Better? Worse?

While we’re fall cleaning (metaphor mixing all the while), my other idea is to test out Twitter as a way of pestering some of the worst big business marketers about the shite they put out. Anybody wanna try that with me? I despise Twitter, but some ad-jamming (only a half nod to the posers at AdBusters) might at least allow us to do a fun little experiment.

And speaking of excrement, I have been dealing with increasing amounts of attempted spam comments. Hence, I am implementing the WordPress control that allows you to post freely only after I’ve approved a prior comment. It would be nice if regular readers would post some reply to this post, so I can get you over that hurdle.

Other ideas?

11 Replies to “TCT Goes Clothes Shopping!”

  1. Long time reader, first time commenter! (I think) Trying to clear the hurdle just in case. I agree that using the Twitter machine to twattle big business seems like a good use of that social media platform.

  2. Worth a try. What would be the TCT twitter persona? Deadpan sarcasm? Slash and burn?

    (I am a big fan of @FearDept – check it out (what our government would say if they would decide to speak straight).)

  3. Hey TCT,

    As is the case with most website makeovers, I’m taken aback at first, then get used to it, and a few weeks later I can’t remember what the old one was like. Take SMBIVA, example.

    I also like the burgundy masthead and logo. If I rattle on I’ll just feel like I’m pitching an ad.

    In the end, it’s the content that matters, and yours is right as rain.

  4. The new look is fine aesthetically, what I personally miss are some functional aspects such as an easier access to querying posts by tag or month/date, as well as the quick links to some of the meta-posts (e.g. “about”/”epic vocab fail”).

    On the upside, until now I had no idea that Master Chomsky has reviewed the TCT book (even though I’ve read the actual book 🙂 )

  5. New look looks good. I have no idea about how to use twitter but i do like the idea of questioning the advertisers and marketers about the dishonest claims they make and imply. Is that what you mean? Btw, still looking forward to the next book!

  6. I usually read your thoughts at SMBIVA. Just today I clicked on your name at the top of a comment (re: the 350/McKibben thing) realizing that you must have your own outlet. I’ve just been too distracted lately to follow all the links, or might have been here sooner.

    Not at all sorry I came to visit. So will bookmark and return. Posting these empty lines so I might comment in the future, but don’t wait up.

    No comment on the new look, since I never saw the old one.

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