Toupee History

ken_burns_headshot_a_p I peeped in on the (Purportedly) Public Broadcasting System’s television offerings tonight. Here, one offering was a preview (!) of Ken Burns’ “The Roosevelts.” Not only was there no mention of either Teddy’s rank imperialism or the existence and lovely works of Kermit, but the Great Burns, he who passes his 8th Grade filmstrips off for high intellectual understanding of this somehow both teenaged and decrepit empire, professed that he’d been (pun intended) burning to make this new ditty for 30 years because the Roosevelts “are the most influential family in American history.”

There you have it. In mainstream thought, family is the largest possible sociological factor. The Civil War? A bunch of families who disagreed.

Capitalism? What’s that?

Ken’s critter-over is pretty shocking for somebody who claims to care about reality. But, then again, he knows who butters his (another pun) Burnt bread, doesn’t he?

Put a rug on it.

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  1. Funny stuff – there’s a decent, sober, Mother Jonesish (liberal-lite) investigation of the PBS debacle in the recent Harper’s, complete with spirited defense of the PBS begathons by this Hampshire College (!) graduate.
    So I will not watch. Forever.
    I will only give money to hopeless causes that appeal to my endemic nihilism, like Howie the Perennial NY Green Candidate Hawkins, now polling at or above 12% in some counties, or precincts, or households, or somewhere.
    Need the real deal to get by in your day, instead of zinging well-paid hipsters? I’d suggest springing for German academic Harald Welzer’s “Climate Wars” – where else are you going to get the social truth that climate change is unsolvable?

  2. Yeah, I saw that Harper’s story, Martin. The true story, of course, is that PBS was never a serious endeavor, and was stillborn even as a gimmick. Did you catch Ken Burns’ “God bless the Bank of America” line? Wonder when his series on paint drying will be finished…

  3. Yes, that Bank of America line about summed up the amoralism of the conservative rug-taping hipster. We all have our artificial enhancements, to be fair, but the Burnsian bangs may be a furrow too far.
    I did think the McDonald’s CEO you objectified as horsey is fairly pretty, though, to be, once again, fair to the other side.
    And I love public libraries, and have used the hell out of them. Shouldn’t I get comment down-voted in these blindingly white environs?

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