PBS Retaliates

blackmail-note The threat of losing sponsors is one of the major factors that make the corporate capitalist media system so effective at its core task of molding behavior on behalf of the overclass.

PBS, in its continuing journey toward complete irrelevance, is apparently now deploying this weapon against its own critics, despite the timidity of the latter.

3 Replies to “PBS Retaliates”

  1. The theme of TCT is so necessary and profound, that loyal readers start thinking: did TCT go after this or that person, or I am just imagining that he or she would personify the ultimate TCT target: http://christinebader.com/.
    Amherst College, kids, husband, squash, TED talks, BP, killer corporate “idealist,”
    and she’s headlining at SXSW “Eco.”
    And check out her self-disclosed “sponsors” : ww.bsr.org/en/our-network/member-list.
    Yeah, we can trust them to save the planet.

  2. Unfortunately, as a general rule, the amount of energy needed to refute bullshit typically exceeds the energy to produce it. So I’m thinking I’d just punch her in the face, if the opportunity presents itself.

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