Consumer Theater!

In the least surprising news possible, there’s a new form of marketing research. It is Consumer Theater, a new way of doing focus groups that is “a proprietary Firefly and Second City methodology.”

First off, a major Hicks Dictum Award to the moribund corporate-comedy shithouse, Second City.

Meanwhile, take a look. This is what “co-creating with the consumer” looks like. The role of “the consumer,” as always? To divulge more.

consumer theater

4 Replies to “Consumer Theater!”

  1. Why do these ad-agency promos always feature really dorky Juno-soundtrack-like ukelele music?

    Anyway, this is just really depressing shit. And yes, Second City can all go suck a tailpipe.

  2. The music in ads is indeed particularly annoying, nerc. The basic aim is to trigger a thoughtlessly happy mind-state in the targets. There are “artists” who write this dreck on purpose, of course.

    And this “consumer theater” collaboration is depressing stuff. Think of the sheer human energy and hours that go into doing this shite. All in order to better trick people into continuing the pathetic micro-routines that enrich the overclass/kill the planet.

  3. Have you followed the now-defunct show Community? If not, it was a sitcom that started on NBC, then moved to Yahoo! Screen when NBC stopped funding it. Its gimmicks were mocking notions of corporate diversity, the higher-education scam, and the concepts of network television and advertising themselves (none of which was totally original, but they did it pretty well, considering the source).

    Near the end of the NBC run, they made a few bucks (and tried unsuccessfully to keep the show on NBC) by essentially selling a couple shows to Subway and writing episodes centered around the failure of the narrative to cost-justify itself, necessitating the show’s setting to have to sell out to Subway restaurants. NBC still dropped the show, but when it went to Yahoo! Screen, the producers sold a couple of episodes to Honda, similarly to the Subway deal.

    The product positioning they used was done similarly to the way Mike Myers did it in his Wayne’s World series. I’d be interested to hear your take.

  4. A major archaeological find by the impeccable, lately-silenced TCT – the bios of these Rufus T. Firefly kindergardeners are true art- all with hugely expensive advanced degrees, all “involved” in helping their “communities” on the side, all gardeners, proud kayakers, moms, Lesbian moms, and all paid propagandists doing horrifically stupid, embarrassingly dumb, enragingly compensated non-work. The empire rolls on.

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