The Reach of Political Marketing

The marketing attitude — surreptitiously probe for and exploit their weakness, and screw their genuine needs and desires — saturates the fabric of our politics. One of the vectors of a major advance in this market-totalitarian trend was/is Mr. Slick Willie Klinton, a man with a corporate pusher’s hole-for-a-soul.

As President, the Man From Smoke hugged and smiled and talked soft in all the right places, all in order to achieve the right’s dream agenda: kill single-payer health insurance, further crush the welfare state, and undermine the independent counsel laws (that didn’t have any later costs, did it?). All this happened only via the constant help of focus group-running devils like James Carville.

A good book review on this disgusting fraudmeister.

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Nik Barry-Shaw
Nik Barry-Shaw
12 years ago

If you haven’t already seen it, I would recommend “Our Brand Is Crisis”, a doc about what happens when Carvile and his minions try to apply their political marketing techniques to Bolivia. Even more fascinating for the fact that the film maker seems generally sympathetic to the goals of the political consultants, which means they reveal their true thinking on democracy. Incidentally, the film also shows how ineffective such techniques are in situations where people are mobilizing and gaining an awareness of and an assertiveness for their own interests. Collective struggle is a damned good bullshit detector. The far less… Read more »

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