Politics and Political Marketing

Yesterday, the dreadful war criminal Nancy Pelosi visited Portland, Oregon, my hometown. While here, she repeated her Dreadfulcratic Party’s official campaign theme, which is that the blatantly immoral and illegal Iraq War, which she helps fund, is primarily the fault of Iraqis, and then secondarily of George W. Bush, who Pelosi said is merely making the mistake of doing

“[n]othing…that encourages the Iraqi government to make the changes necessary to make the political progress to end the sectarian violence there.”

What is the origin of this Satanic waffling? Political marketing, of course. In between four-year stints of being bribed, the Business Party and its two wings (tellingly “R & D”) pause to stage the shows we still are told to call “elections.” Behind every single move in these worsening “bi-partisan” fraudfests stand defective-product-packagers from the world of corporate marketing, a.k.a., “campaign consultants.”

I will post here often on this sick reality.

For now, suffice it to say that corporate and political marketing, which are rooted in spying and manipulation of weaknesses, are the predatory antithesis of democracy, which depends upon honesty and a skilled, informed, self-governing citizenship. The longer we tolerate commercial and political marketing’s cancerous hegemony, the smaller grow the odds of us rescuing the good parts of human civilization from the Money Power and its market-totalitarian social (dis)order.

What we urgently need in this society is not just the little gesture of “campaign reform.” What we need is a big, new, humanist/leftist Progressive Survival Party that, among other things, renounces the whole existing political scam — private campaign donations, monetary Congressional lobbying, and the employment of political marketing “consultants” — in favor of real information, real debate, real citizen involvement, real principles, real courage, and real choices.

Until then, trolls like James Carville — just look at that frickin’ creep! — will continue to steal your votes and sell them to the likes of Pelosi and KillaryKlinton. Until then, give your votes to Gravel and Sheehan, then just spend your energy on other things.

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