Green Smoke Indeed!

James Howard Kunstler today posts this useful news nugget:

Blowing Green Smoke Up America’s Ass # 23:General Motors – referred to nowadays as “the sub-prime loan company that also makes cars” – has opened a public relations campaign on National Public Radio to convince the public that its heart is in the right place. The centerpiece of the campaign is the Chevy Volt, GM’s venture into hybrid cars. The voice in the radio spot announces that the Volt is an environmentally-friendly electric vehicle assisted by what they call “an on-board range-extending power source.” Wonder what that means? Think gasoline-powered internal combustion engine.

And, of course, the smoke being blown here is much worse than just this.

First of all, the Chevy Volt is a concept car, not a production one. If you could buy one -and you can’t– it would carry a price-tag of $100,000!

Second, even the great General Motors, with its long track record of delivering high-quality, cutting-edge cars (that thud you just heard was people everywhere falling off their chairs in paroxysms of laughter) admits it isn’t planning to sell a Volt until at least 2010 — despite the fact that they are advertising them now! (This tells us something crucial about the role of supposedly “green” vehicles in the car corporations’ plans. Even as they sponsor NPR propaganda campaigns, you can hear the rustle of accumulated capital fleeing somewhere, anywhere, other than into future investments in car-making…UAW take note.)

And, of course, all of this jive talk presumes and promotes public ignorance about the most basic fact of the science of energy — the reality that all supplies of energy for fueling cars are not just finite, but up against the wall of history. Plugging your car into the wall is hardly a viable answer to the arrival of Peak Oil, as explained by Kunstler and others. Nevertheless, talking as if it were underlies everything GM and the other auto-capitalists are now saying.

The extent to which more well-meaning folks, who might otherwise see through the outdated, increasingly murderous capitalist scam behind automobiles-ueber-alles, fail to resist this “green smoke” is the exact extent to which we are all doomed.

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12 years ago

So what is the point of this cyber bull?

It reads more like someone enjoys bashing General Motors instead of coming up with intelligent subject matter to publish.

For those with brains, please read about the idea of the Chevy Volt and make up your mind. Don’t listen to hate postings for the sake of posting crap.

Michael Dawson
12 years ago

Thanks for your question, David. The point of the posting is that the Chevy Volt, like all “green car” schemes, is a fraud. If it every actually materializes, it will not make any serious difference in the huge crisis we face. Yes, I agree: Read up about this topic. Make sure you read up on the energy crisis behind it. Take a look at Richard Heinberg’s _The Party’s Over_. Once you do that, you will perhaps come back here and see something other than cyber-bull. The bull is spewing from another orifice altogether, I fear. P.S. Let’s here your own… Read more »

Michael Dawson
12 years ago

P.P.S. What is bull in what I posted, by the way? Can you buy a Volt? Is GM nonetheless advertising it? Are they simultaneously ceasing production of their gas-guzzling trucks? How will the Volt make a difference? Do tell…

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