The Toyotathon Phenomenon — A Phenomenon Indeed!

Addled leftists have long stumbled around blaming “consumers” for being independently mentally ill and greedily destructive.

The seriously over-rated Herbert Marcuse, a leading pioneer of victim-blaming, capitalist-excusing pseudo-radical “cultural” analysis, wrote this in his magnum opus:

“If the worker and his boss enjoy the same television program and visit the same resort places, if the typist is as attractively made up as the daughter of her employer, if the Negro owns a Cadillac, if they all read the same newspaper, then this assimilation indicates not the disappearance of classes, but the extent to which the needs and satisfactions that serve the preservation of the Establishment are shared by the underlying population.”

All the “ifs” in this ridiculous string of hypotheses are as preposterous now as they absolutely were in 1963, at the height of the Civil Rights Movement, when Herr Marcuse was somehow passing himself off as a rebel, polishing this willfully obtuse crap up for the printer.

Herbie’s contention? No need to talk about classes, because the palookas are all corrupt anyway. Let’s just wring our hands about the “one-dimensional” stupidity of the whole of the masses. I say — bad show, my good man. Sniff, sniff, pass the cognac…

If you wonder why such familiar blame-everybody blather needs to be swept aside, take a look at what it excises from view — namely, elite brain-conditioning efforts such as the latest television ad campaign from the “moving forward” Toyota corporation.

Lovely, responsible stuff from the investors who would elsewhere have you think that buying a Prius solves the problem.

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