Ideologues and Murder

This one is more about how the “major” politicians maintain the conditions for the marketing-driven American Nightmare (and its metastasis to other societies) than directly about big business marketing itself. But the connection between the larger methods (ideology and murder) and the smaller (deception and studied manipulation) is real, so this one is just too important to pass over without a post:

“Ideologues can’t stand free societies — that’s why they try to kill innocent people.” — George W. Bush, February 20, 2008

How true! Just think of all the recent proof: Vietnam, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Argentina, Chile, etc. — not to mention Iraq x2. And also not to mention the inconvenient little fact that, despite their own criminal, self-defeating methods, the Russians were actually right about Afghanistan, weren’t they?

Not uninterestingly, the 2.5 million people who have died in automobile collisions since the full and final imposition of auto-centric suburban sprawl on the United States shortly after WWII very much also prove the unwitting profundity of President Bush’s admission.

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12 years ago

On the people who have died in automobile collisions: Back in high school 25 years ago, we had a guest speaker one day, some right-wing military type who told the class all about how the Vietnam war was fought for a noble cause. Before his presentation, he wrote two numbers on the blackboard, both around 50,000, one higher than the other. Then, giving no explanation of what the numbers were, he launched into an inspirational speech that, if given today about Iraq, would surely have left Cindy Sheehan with a beatific look of joy as she breathed with satisfaction, “I… Read more »

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