Cheap Oil & The Marketing Juggernaut

Most of the gross profit that goes into funding the big business marketing juggernaut derives from corporate capitalists’ unrelenting pursuit of lower labor-costs.  Robbing workers to manipulate buyers, in other words.

Trouble, however, is afoot, my friends.

Per today’s edition of The New York Times:

Cheap oil, the lubricant of quick, inexpensive transportation links across the world, may not return anytime soon, upsetting the logic of diffuse global supply chains that treat geography as a footnote in the pursuit of lower wages.

The cost of shipping a 40-foot container from Shanghai to the United States has risen to $8,000, compared with $3,000 early in the decade, according to a recent study of transportation costs. Big container ships, the pack mules of the 21st-century economy, have shaved their top speed by nearly 20 percent to save on fuel costs, substantially slowing shipping times.

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