The Greatest Degeneration

Quiz Question:

Economically speaking, how did the United States get itself out of the Great Depression of the 1930s?

Hint #1: This solution also led to the only time in modern corporate-American history when there was full employment, a job for everybody who wanted one…

Hint #2: It also had to do with fighting fascism in a big war…

Answer: massive new government taxes and expenditures.

Nonetheless, here is one of the Neo-Gumby legions who can’t (or won’t, depending on where you place him between the “Dumb” and “Dishonest” poles of the Ronald Reagan Memorial Presidential Capacities Scale™)* correctly answer this utterly basic, sixth-grade-level civics question:

Why do I say this? Check out this howler among howlers.

And, by the way, this multifaceted mega-stinker also serves as a pretty good indicator of exactly how dead the Democratic Party is. The Republican demagogues who make these blatant promotions of childish ignorance about elementary facts know full well that Barack Obama is distinctly NOT proposing large new tax-and-spend programs.  That, of course, doesn’t stop them from baiting him on the topic.

They also know that they won’t get a rebuttal — despite the scale of their error and idiocy — from Obama and the rest of the pack of social-climbing creeps who market themselves as “the opposition.”  As always, the Dembots are too busy collecting PAC money, planning new wars, and explaining all the things the poor, helpless government “can’t” do here at home.

Who needs a Memory Hole when you have corporate capitalism? Market totalitarianism is an auto-shredder.


*My own scale placements: (0 = total moronitude; 100 = total dishonesty/salesmanship)

Reagan: 5

Bush II: 8 (would be a 4, but for his ability to pass himself off as a Christian — admittedly not very hard, but still…)

Clinton: 89

Bush I: 75

McCain: 40

Carter: 39

Nixon: 95

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