Hara-Kiri You Can Believe In

Joseph Robofucking Biden? Are you kidding me? The lamest, stalest, office-squatting stuffed shirt in Congress, the busted plagiarist gasbag from the corporate haven of Delaware, the Iraq Invasion yes-voter? That’s fucking “change?” Stunning, even by Dembot standards of relentless, blundering false advertising and mega-betrayal.

This thing is so over, friends. Toast. Piss down the drain. History of the worst, most farcical kind.

Let’s just hope this astounding sword-dive will finally drive liberals and leftists out the front door of the sinking, stinking, election-throwing “Democratic Party” facade-half of the Business Junta’s adjoining mansions.

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Jim R
Jim R

Right on Michael.
When will the Democratic voters wake up?
Never is the correct answer, a true believer isn’t concerned with facts.


Yikes! What are the alternatives most people just don’t vote. Try and vote in someone who will never win or have a chance because our system is set up for the rich and the poor dumb asses just either dont vote or complain about it and we once again struggle to gain a understanding of why the poor stay poor and the rich get richer. Or are we just true believers that think the Democratic party will take us for a great unrealistic ride of our life to be dumped on the steps of despair once again to be ruled… Read more »