The Obvious (Forbidden) Answer

Yesterday, I ridiculed Obama’s ridiculous promise to waste $4 billion “helping” the mass-murdering automotive corporations.

If that’s such a bad idea, then what’s a better one?

Well, it sure ain’t rocket science:

For starters, moving toward better cars is already happening. Why in the world should the public have to pay for that, even at Obama’s pathetically paltry level?

What we need instead is to build ourselves modern intra- and inter-city railroads, and make all public transit free.

As to the money, nobody batted an eye about running the Iraq Invasion via deficit financing, and that criminality doesn’t come close to providing the macro-economic stimulus that building real railroads and funding free public transport would. Whatever deficits would be required up front would probably be gone within a few years, as a sea of good new jobs for workers added new paychecks and tax revenues.

Of course, none of this is going to happen, barring a massive democratic uprising. Corporate capitalism cannot survive without cars-first transportation in the USA. Hence, more roadkill is the only option that will be “on the table.”

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12 years ago

this was a very interesting piece of information. If Moms in America knew these types of figures of just how dangerous the motor vechicle is we whould do some things to change that but instead we get bigger vehicles and supposedly safer child seats and restraints but the fact is that these things are not going to protect you and your children. The alternatives are public transportation which can be great but it lags behind in availablity for many people. Why is the democratic party so unwilling to step up and lead. Right now it is sink or swim mentality… Read more »

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